TV programmes

  • Games:

Forts en tête: TV game produced by RTBF Charleroi, presented by Jacques Mercier and Armelle between 1997 and 2001, and Barbara Louys between 2001 and 2005. Two competitors answered questions on a different theme each week in a particular municipality or region of Belgium. Documents preserved in the Archives were sometimes filmed to provide evidence of the answers.

  • Informative programmes

The Archives have sometimes hosted historical, informative, legal or news programmes to be broadcast on TV. These include Face cachée, Chroniques criminelles and Face aux Juges, all shown on RTL and Télétourisme, C’est Cult and Devoirs d’enquête on RTBF.

Recently, the RTL Indices team came to shoot a program in the archives repository. It was broadcast on March 4, 2020 ( Other filming are planned in the course of 2020.