Televised series

No link relates to televised series. The sequences filmed in the Archives are often very short and appear in one or more episodes sometimes in a highly unrecognisable form.

  • Zone Blanche (France-Belgium, 2018)
    • Directors: Thierry Poinaud, Julien Despeux
    • Actors: Suliane Brahim, Hubert Delattre, Laurent Capelluto, Samuel Jouy
    • Scriptwriters: Mathieu Misoffe, Antonin Martin-Hubert, Florent Meyer
  • Les Rivières pourpres – season 2 (France-Belgium-Germany, 2018)
    • Directors: Ivan Feygeres, Olivier Barma, Julius Berg
    • Actors: Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte
    • Adaptation after the eponymous novel by Jean Pierre Grangé
  • Les Thibaut (France, 2003)
    • Directors: Jean Claude Carrière, Joëlle Goron, Jean Daniel Verhaeghe
    • Actors: Jean Yanne, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Florence Pernel
    • Adaptation after the eponymous novel by Roger Martin du Gard
  • Les Steenfort, maîtres de l’orge et Le destin des Steenfort (France-Belgium, 1996-1999)
    • Director: Jean Daniel Verhaeghe
    • Actors: Jean Claude Drouot, Christopher Thompson, Florence Pernel, Bernard Lecocq, Isabel Otero
    • Adaptation of the cartoon by Jean Van Hamme, illustrations by Francis Vallès