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The Museums and Archives of the City of Brussels are seeking to collect objects and archives linked to immigration and the diversity of the population of the Brussels region.

One of Brussels’ greatest assets is its multicultural character. The city, where three out of four residents are of foreign origin, is deeply marked by immigration in its neighbourhoods, its culture, its economy, its gastronomy and every other aspect.

The aim: to enable our collections to better reflect the residents of the city today
WichType of objects or archives: all items are welcome, as they are essential to preserving the collective memory: photographs, advertising, handcrafted or manufactured objects, association archives, posters, correspondence, administrative documents, signs, trophies, medals, membership cards, flags, clothing, badges or pins, records, books, etc

Brussels Zinneke City

Practical information
• If you would like to make a donation, share your story, ask a question or request an appointment, please contact us by email:
• The collection is open until 31 July, but donations are still possible after this date: here.