Exhibition "Quelque chose du temps" - Myriam Louyest

The places where Myriam Louyest chooses to exhibit are never mundane: her art installations are inspired by the architecture, history and role of the location, encouraging the visitor to adopt a different perspective. When she discovered the Brussels Archives in 2010, the graphic artist was immediately struck by the magic and poetry of the building. Time seems to have stood still since the Archives took up residence in these listed and period-furnished buildings.

Cut fragments, spun yarns, glass, veils or papers, the creations of the artist evoke and suggest “Quelque chose du temps, du temps où l’on ne sera plus” (Something of the past, a past to which we can never return) (Les années, Annie Ernaux, Gallimard, 2008). Displayed on old counters, in cloth cabinets now used to store documents, or along the monumental stairwell leading to the central canopy, Louyest's work reveals, illuminates or pierces these spaces that it magnifies, thus emphasising forgotten details. In the era of the cloud and digital immateriality, it also leads us to confront the materiality of the archive as a personal or collective bond with the past. It also reminds that this building holds countless memories for the inhabitants of Brussels.

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Interview (FR) conducted by the radio show "Par Ouï-dire" (rtbf) (26/09/2019 - beginning : 35')

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Open Saturday 14.09 and Sunday 15.09 from 11:00 to 17:00
14.09 > 13.12
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